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Watching the first Super Bowl to go into overtime superseded other typical viewing in our house tonight. Did you watch the game?

I admit I am not into sports at all. Sure, I went through a baseball watching phase but that passed as my access to movies and more TV channels increased!

However, I am a fan of an underdog story. The fact that the New England Patriots was losing for the majority of the game (until the fourth quarter) says a lot about the team as a whole.

Even though I missed most of the game, and no virtually nothing about football, there is still something to learn from tonight’s game:

  • Never give up!
  • It takes getting the ball over the line, no matter what. Keep pushing no matter how many people pile on top of you.

How does this apply to you and me?

We are off to a new start in our business focusing on marketing strategy coaching as well as copywriting.

In business, we can’t give up. If something isn’t working, maybe it’s time for a different approach. Or maybe you’re not talking to the right audience. Never give up!

Are you struggling to get in front of your customer? Are people telling you to give up? Even worse, is your inner voice piling on negativity when you’re just trying to get across the line? Keep pushing!

If you want some more info on the New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, check out the Patriots page on Mr. Brady.

This is the 5th Super Bowl for Tom Brady and the 5th Super Bowl championship for New England. They could have given up during the game, but they kept going.

It is absolutely tough to grow your business. Never give up! Keep pushing!