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creating global conversations with online events

Whether you are hosting a virtual summit, conference, course or any other type of event, let us help. At Forsyth Solutions, we understand that online events are inclusive.

Virtual events open the doors to everyone!

About Us

In January 2017 we formalized our business partnership as Forsyth Solutions. Starting out as a done-for-you marketing agency, we enjoy offering marketing, technical and virtual assistant services.

With COVID-19 hitting the world so hard in 2020, our “normal” has changed for so many of us. This is especially the case with businesses and organizations that worked and communicated in-person like having offices, in-person meetings, conferences and more. 

Our focus is on helping organizations transition from the in-person format to virtual. The thing we love about the change to virtual is that it opens so many doors. The possibilities are limitless! In-person events can be transformed to virtual events making them accessible to anyone and everyone.

Our services range from helping organizations setup and run online meetings to full online event production. Whatever it looks like, we’re here to help!

Meet Our Team

Dani Forsyth

Dani Forsyth

Head Coach, CIO

Dani is an expert marketing strategist. From a previous career in Information Technology, Dani owned a 6-figure IT consulting company for 4 years before heading back to the “9-5” world. But the entrepreneurship bug was always niggling away in her brain. In 2011 Dani left her IT position within the police service to again work with small business owners as an Infusionsoft Certified Partner. After working with companies worldwide on their implementation, Dani is now sharing the processes behind what makes businesses successful with their marketing and automation. Dani has various certifications including real-world experience to help small business owners achieve more in their life and business.

Michelle Forsyth

Michelle Forsyth

Head Coach, CEO

Michelle is a self-confessed geek in love with absorbing and teaching all there is about digital marketing, automation and strategy. Michelle worked her way up from administrative assistant roles to working within Information Technology and closing out her corporate career managing a technical administrative team for a financial institution. Michelle utilizes her passion for learning with her organization, administration and strategic thinking to ease the struggles of those pursuing their dreams of entrepreneurship. 

Oscar Lee Forsyth

Oscar Lee Forsyth

Scheduling Supervisor

You may think that those humans at the beginning of this page are the ones who run the show, but I’m here to tell you this is not the case. I’m Oscar, a 6-year-old grey and white tabby that is the actual ruler of the house. I use my adorable facial expressions, purring and persistent schedule keeping (food times, bedtime, etc.) to keep Momma Michelle and Momma D on track.
Java Bean Forsyth

Java Bean Forsyth

Relaxation Specialist

Not to be ignored, I’m Java, a nearly all black (we don’t talk about those pesky few white hairs), sleek 6-year-old cat aka boss. Oscar thinks he runs the house, but I do my best to ensure mine is the final word. I use more direct powers of persuasion with my endearing whiney cry for breakfast and a mad dash for rooms I’m not allowed to enter. Surely, they will realize how important it is that I enter those “forbidden” rooms!! I shall prevail!

Our Values











Take ownership


Our Purpose

To help entrepreneurs live the life they desire.

Our Mission

We help business owners simplify their strategy, systems, marketing, automation and design to free up money, time and resources to invest back into themselves, family and their business by:


  • Providing a consistent, easy experience that is both enjoyable and valuable for every customer.
  • Treating each other with mutual respect.
  • Maintaining and creating professional business partnerships with our customers and outside partners to achieve mutually beneficial and profitable relationships.
  • Fostering a respectful, open-minded and continuous growth environment for our employees, allowing them to express themselves openly, grow, develop and evolve in their roles as individuals.