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creating global conversations with online events

Whether you are hosting a virtual summit, conference, course or any other type of event, let us help. At Forsyth Solutions, we understand that online events are inclusive.

Virtual events open the doors to everyone!


7 Myths About Strategy

Can’t I just “do” my business. Why do I need a strategy? I don’t have time to create a strategy; I’m too busy building my business! Myth 1: I don’t need a strategy – my product sells itself. Would you build a house without a plan? Even professional contractors have a...

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5 Time Underdog Super Bowl Champion Lessons

Watching the first Super Bowl to go into overtime superseded other typical viewing in our house tonight. Did you watch the game? I admit I am not into sports at all. Sure, I went through a baseball watching phase but that passed as my access to movies and more TV...

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Are You First Lady Material?

Whatever your politics or where you live, the hot topic is the 45th United States President Donald Trump and his family. Recently, I read an intriguing Town & Country article about whether President Trump's daughter, Ivanka, will actually assume the duties of...

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