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Generate Leads, Referrals & Loyalty

One Automated Conversation At A Time

With Messenger Marketing for Your Business

Generate Leads, Referrals & Loyalty

One Conversation At A Time

With Messenger Marketing for Your Business

Do Bots Replace Email?

No, absolutely not.

Messenger Marketing using Chatbots is another channel (or way) to connect with people. Messenger Marketing has the advantage of meeting people with the way they communicate on a daily basis. It allows businesses the ability to connect with people and provide them with the information they are looking for whether it’s a question about your product/service, pricing, location, hours, etc. from a customer service standpoint AND it is an easier way to get people to engage with your business so you can have a conversation with them to ideally have them work with your business.

With email generally someone needs to opt into your list through a form on your website, Facebook Ad, Google Ad, Direct Mail, along with many other ways to allow you to “speak” with them by sending them an email.

Email is a great way to keep in touch with your prospects and customers to share with them information that is bigger to consume such as a blog post about something new they should be aware of. For example: if you are a financial planner and there is a new law regarding investments or withdrawals that could have a big impact. You could then send an email to them with the information (or a link to your blog, YouTube video, etc.) for them to learn about it. You could also use Messenger to send a broadcast with this information as a short message and a link for them to learn about it.

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