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Generate Leads, Referrals, Loyalty,

Answer Questions, Provide Support & More

With Messenger Marketing for Your Business

One Automated Conversation At A Time

Generate Leads, Referrals, Loyalty, Answer Questions & More

With Messenger Marketing for Your Business

One Automated Conversation At A Time

How Long Does It Take To Build a Bot?

As my Organizational Behaviour Instructor Tom M. used to like to say “It depends on the situation”.

Generally though we are able to deliver your Bot to you fully tested in a short amount of time. The most important thing that will determine the length of time is how quickly we can get to fully understanding what we want the flow of the Bot to do and the information we need to add into it.

For Example: If we are building out one flow for Customer Service we will want to ensure we know what are the most common and critical items we need to ensure are available including the answer to the question.

We ensure that everything is included by building out the framework and having you sign off to ensure everything discussed is built in. Once we have that we can build out your Bot fairly quickly.

If you would like us to do Broadcasts for you (sending messages to either all your subscribers or a segment of subscribers) we are able to do that for you as well on a regular basis.

Additionally, we can assist with setting up your Facebook Ads if you want and your Custom Audiences (people who performed some type of action – i.e. viewed a certain product, went to purchase something but never did (we can send them a coupon for example).

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