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creating global conversations with online events

Whether you are hosting a virtual summit, conference, course or any other type of event, let us help. At Forsyth Solutions, we understand that online events are inclusive.

Virtual events open the doors to everyone!

Success Stories

“These girls are the diggity dog!” Sam talks about how Dani and Michelle were able to successfully implement a complicated launch, while she was on vacation! Watch the video to discover how your experts have real-world experience making things happen for small businesses. Watch the video below!

Sam Bennett

CEO, The Organized Artist Company

Working with Dani Forsyth was great. She made the Infusionsoft training extremely simple, took the time to answer all of my questions and provided excellent feedback into how to create and run my campaigns. She basically simplified everything for me and helped me create the perfect campaign. I would highly recommend her training/coaching to anyone who is using Infusionsoft.
Tamara Smith

Director of Marketing

Dawn worked with Dani and Michelle on a “flawless” telesummit. Watch the video below to hear how their strategy and knowledge made her job so much easier!

Dawn Serra

CEO, Radical Summits

When it comes to anything Infusionsoft related, I HIGHLY recommend Dani and Forsyth Solutions! I own a web design company and had a new client that required the use of Infusionsoft. It felt like a different language, even after paying for the help of Infusionsoft coaches within the company. Dani helped me set up all of the campaigns I needed, created all the special conditions that applied to my client’s business, and sent me videos on what was done and how to use the different functions. Dani works FAST and literally saved me days of time and not to mention the stress of trying to learn a new platform while my website launch date was fast approaching. Dani was a life saver and crucial to this project working.
Meghan Wittman

Owner, Meghan Elizabeth

Danielle helped us prepare for the Infusionsoft Implementation Accelerator; worked side-by-side with us for the three days of the Accelerator; and has followed up with us to ensure we achieved our objectives. She has been very conscientious and responsive to all of our needs. She has been very helpful in finding ways to do what we need to do.

Danielle has also been great at finding answers to questions that have come up in the implementation process. She has done exactly what she has committed to doing and she has done it in a timely manner. She communicates well and is easy to work with. She has exceeded our expectations. I can recommend Danielle as a great resource for Infusionsoft and CustomerHub.

Tom Mungavan

Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder, Global XTS

I had attempted to learn Infusionsoft on the fly when my client moved to the new platform. Even though we had training sessions with our consultant, we both didn’t know what we didn’t know (sound familiar?). The result was a lot of time wasted, total frustration, and an incomplete system that we didn’t know how to use.

If you are a marketing tech or tech VA, you really have to bite the bullet and learn the program, there’s just no getting around it. Even if none of your clients use it right now, your next client will expect you to know the program. Trust me, your ‘ideal client’ is a business owner who uses Infusionsoft.

Do yourself a favor and invest in yourself and invest in your business. You’ll be glad you did!

Lisa Wells

Mortgage Banker

I am so thrilled that we connected. The experience I have had working with you, both as an Infusionsoft Training course participate and a one:one client has been nothing short of amazing. When we first started working together, I was brand new to Infusionsoft and very overwhelmed. After just three calls, I had a shiny new Campaign that I understood because we built it together. Danielle took the time to walk me through the process and explained everything along the way. One of the things I most appreciated was her strategic thinking. She was always thinking ahead, managing the “what ifs” and making the Campaign easy to update should the need arise. Danielle asked thoughtful questions throughout the process and I feel like she has a really good understanding of our business and how it  works because of it. Her attention to detail was an added bonus; everything from consistent labeling to testing and double-checking her work. Danielle’s timely responses to my emails have been much appreciated. Danielle, it’s been a pleasure working with you and I know I speak for both Andrea and me when I say I can’t wait to continue our business relationship. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your work to anyone who is using Infusionsoft and needs expert advice.
Shelley McKenzie

CVA, Online Business Manager

Michelle was hired to create website copy and promotional material copy for upcoming events. Michelle transformed an abstract idea into effective and accurate copy describing our services clearly for our potential customer who otherwise might not understand our services. We know we can count on Michelle to create content that delivers results.
Marion Andrews

Reiki Practitioner & Life Coach, Chrysalis Wellness Center

Michelle, I was so grateful for your guidance, support, and crazy helpful tips! You confirmed strategy that was effective and improved areas that were less strong. After working with you, I have greater confidence to leverage the suite of InfusionSoft tools and engage compelling prospect engagement campaigns.
Kyle Janus

Marketing Director

Thank you, Michelle, for being so easy-going and helpful in answering my questions and showing me how to navigate through a system that I once found so complex. I appreciate it!
Julie Kleinhans

Youth Empowerment Coach, Trainer & Mentor

Working with Dani Forsyth was great. She made the Infusionsoft training extremely simple, took the time to answer all of my questions and provided excellent feedback on how to create and run my campaigns. She basically simplified everything for me and helped me create the perfect campaign. I would highly recommend her training/coaching to anyone who is using Infusionsoft.
Rob Foglio

Owner / Director Of Operations, HomeSmart Realty Advisors

Life Is Now Inc. was extremely fortunate to receive the guidance of Infusionsoft Specialist, Danielle Forsyth, over a period of 12 consecutive months.

During her year with our Team, Danielle implemented all of our needs within the Infusionsoft software; building out in excess of 10 separate, automated, multi-pronged campaigns, sending every broadcast, and tracking performance with precision. She also achieved impressive segmentation of our database, including a massive import of custom fields & the merger of duplicate records across 20,000 + records.

Though her knowledge and expertise within Infusionsoft is exceptional, what is most memorable about Danielle is how much she genuinely cares. She cares about people. She cares about excellence. She cares about results. And because she cares, she contributes.

I would not hesitate to recommend Danielle to any company looking to improve their marketing and automation within Infusionsoft, and intend for this letter to reflect my sincere support of her in all her future endeavors.”

Erin Thoms-Melnick

Chief Operating Officer, Life Is Now, Inc.

Danielle is a true professional and an expert in Infusionsoft. She has a heart of gold and is always willing to go the extra mile to help and answer questions. Danielle has saved us so much time with her expertise and is very patient and thorough with the training she provides. As an entrepreneur herself, she understands how to utilize and leverage all the intricacies of the Infusionsoft system. This understanding, coupled with her true desire to help others grow their business, is why I highly recommend utilizing her services. Thank you Danielle!
Jenny Luetkemeyer

Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder, Global XTS