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Generate Leads, Referrals & Loyalty

One Automated Conversation At A Time

With Messenger Marketing for Your Business

Generate Leads, Referrals, Loyalty, Answer Questions & More

With Messenger Marketing for Your Business

One Automated Conversation At A Time

Why Messenger or Chat Bots For Your Business

We could give you the stats like everyone else. The truth is communication via messages using  Facebook Messenger along with WhatsApp and other platforms in our day to day lives whether it’s personal or business is increasing day after day, month after month, year after year. This is why you want to be engaging your prospects and customers where they already are spending their time.

Peoples expectations when dealing with business is also changing. With the growth and ease of being able to do purchase online (think Amazon) it’s important to accommodate the following in your business.

Customer Service – be available 24/7. The quicker and easier you can allow your prospects or customers to get the answers they are looking for the more favourable your business becomes to them. Remember not everything is about price. Support before and after the purchase is extremely important.

Being able to simply click on a button from your Facebook Page, Facebook Ad, Website, Scan a Code to then instantly be able to communicate without having to provide their name, email address, etc. makes the experience frictionless.

Being able to understand what people are asking for when interacting with a Chatbot gives you tremendous insight into things you may not have thought of as being important or just never thought of. If enough people are asking the same thing this is an opportunity to add into your customer support or a potential revenue stream.

Being able to segment people based on their age, gender, where they live and many other items allows you to interact with them using the language they use and address different issues that they may have as a demographic.

If someone goes through the checkout process and does not purchase you have the ability to retarget them with an ad or a follow up message offering them a bonus or a discount for example if they make the purchase.

Compared to email engagement is higher in that people when they receive a message on their phone are able to see and respond to it quicker. Messenger is much more conversational with Messenger Marketing people are looking for conversation that feels 1:1; where email from most businesses feel 1:many

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